HoopHop 2021 was a success!
Stay tuned and let us know how we can improve things for next year!

The purpose of the annual Hoop Hop Basketball Tournament is to create a space for local artists, community activists and grassroots entrepreneurs to simultaneously showcasetalents and positively impact the greater Boston metropolitan community, primarily the youth. Teams are presented by known regional brand entities, and comprised of members of the Greater Boston music community (singers, rappers, producers, promoters, etc.). By combining the twin energies of art and sport, the Hoop Hop movement is firmly anchored by the belief that true community empowerment must be both active and creative. Furthermore, by raising funds to provide opportunities for inner city youth who may be short on resources, Hoop Hop aims to foster an environment that promotes growth and encourages those with musical talent to follow that path. With a fun day of activities including exciting b-ball moves, a community awareness resource fair, local artisan’s marketplace and live entertainment, Bakari J.B. and the Hoop Hop team have crafted one of Boston’s premier events. Hoop Hop is a FREE event and relies on sponsorships and/or donations. You can support our efforts by clicking the PayPal link below.